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Some nifty (and a little shifty) ways to re-use your Andro packaging

By susan
December 20, 2021

Made to be re-used, our andro tubes have been put through their creative paces by us, so you can do the same.

Whether it’s in the box – or outside of the box thinking – you’ll find a bunch of useful (and maybe not so useful) ways to use our andro packaging from storing to stashing stuff.

play with it

click play
Click to watch
Store those textas in an XS tube

plant it

sprout those andro seeds in the lid
use the base as a potplant
the andro amp
Feeling crafty?

DIY andro amp

Enjoy smartphone stereo sound*


*Provided your idea of stereo sound is a DIY speaker made from cardboard.

store it

a home for chopsticks and takeaway condiments
Keep your tools organised
neatly store your tech cords

Check out our Instagram Stories. For even more ways to re-use andro packaging. (They make a pretty impressive wedding arch by the way).

We’d love to see what you do with yours, tag us! @ambiencelighting #choosehowtoreuse

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andro lighting series is locally designed with ideas in mind.


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