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Watt the FAQs

Everything you did & didn't want to know about our architectural lighting services

We do all kinds of stuff
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First things first – do you do lighting design, lighting supply or what?

Some people like to get us to provide lighting supply for projects, some like us just to do lighting design and a whole bunch get us to do lighting planning, lighting design + supply. We also do luminaire design and manufacturing, but we’ll save that for later.

What lighting projects do you do, and who do you do them for?

Hey! That’s two questions in one. We do hospitality lighting, retail lighting, architectural lighting, hotel lighting, workspace lighting – you name it. Groups and brands we’ve worked across include Hilton, Aesop, GPT Group and Country Road. Projects we’ve worked on have won hundreds of awards and accolades around the globe including Eat Drink Design, Dulux Colour, Retail Design Institute, World Interior Design Awards, AIDA, IDEA and IES. Our mums love ’em too.

So, do you do residential lighting?

We sure do! We’ve done many award-wining projects. However, we don’t offer a direct-to-public service and just through trade – architects, interior designers, builders, electricians, etc.

Where are your products made?

We design, produce, manufacture and assemble a large number of luminaires and linear lighting in our factory in Victoria. Fixtures are also produced and imported in collaboration with our local, European and Asian partners.

Do you offer a warranty?

We wouldn’t be very good if we didn’t trust our own stock. We offer various warranties up to five years.

For any warranty or return issues please visit:


How long is the lead time?

We carry a huge stock amount, but it really does vary – from immediate, if the build is simple, to a number of weeks based on the complexity of your design. The longest time is generally 8-10 weeks for major projects.

Where are you?

Big bad bustling Bundoora. There’s 3,000sq metres of fun and games – machinery, production, assembly, design studio and we’ve even got a customised table tennis table.

Where can you deliver to?

We work on projects from all corners of the globe but mostly service Australia-wide. If woman, man or child can reach it, so can we. If not, we can organise a helicopter.

Do you have everything in stock?

We have a colossal amount of stock on hand and with such a mammoth warehouse to fill you have toOur warehouse is a fully stocked 2,500sqm of awesomeness.


Yes, yes we do. We’ve even won some nice little awards for our innovative approach to time of day,  evening and task light settings.

Do you have a showroom?

Not technically. We have a room. With a table. With product boxes. And a TV.

So, can I arrange for a sample?

Sure you can! Contact our team to discuss; we could drop something off to you or perhaps you could make an appointment to come in and discuss your project.


(03) 9403 6400

What’s the benefit with being with a supplier + designer?

We know our products, inside and out. Not only do we manufacture much of it ourselves, but we’re there for you, every step of the way. Which makes it rather easy when you’re looking for answers or need to follow something up. You know who to speak to and when, with no ducking and weaving.

What’s ANOTHER benefit with a supplier + designer?

Procurement. We know what we have and how long it’s going to take to either make it or supply it. There’s one person in the chain to to make it all happen. Hang on, one business with many people. But you get the idea.

What does a lighting design cost?

Tough question and no rock solid answer. We can provide project lighting scopes and have different tiered packages and you can bet we’d have something perfect for your project. Not that we’re big gamblers.

Is time travel possible? 

We’ve discussed this at length and our general consensus is no. If it was possible and was achieved then the smart cookie would’ve come back to this time and we’d know.

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