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We’ve Gone And Added Australian Native Seeds To Our Andro Packaging

By stephen
April 30, 2021

Re-use andro packaging

When it comes to the packaging we have a couple of things we like to do – no crappy plastic inserts, make it using recycled card plus all install guides are not printed and via QR code only.

A massive issue on worksites is stuff everywhere after installation. So, we also designed the housing with the idea that it had a life after and that it could be repurposed for any practical reason, like storing Lego/gin – or using as a wee pot plant.


Enter our resident Australian native plant enthusiast – and projects manager, Mel. She has selected varieties of Australian native seeds and we’ve inserted them in little packs within the Andro tubes. So, when you get Andro, you get the ability to plant your own Aussie native plant/flower.

We’ve re-used our Andro packaging to house some different seedlings, but you can of course plant them anywhere.

You’ll find a QR code link to what the variety you have and how best to take care of it.

Andro Tracklight at Koko Black

There are a few restrictions on states with varieties but happy planting! And next time you’re down our way, pop in and see the progress at what we’ve planted.

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