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We’ve Gone And Added Plant Growing LED Modules To The ANDRO Range

Introducing andro bud - a pal for your plants.

Flipping Burgers And Heads When Lighting Grill’d Hampton

Hampton is our latest collab with the teams from Grill’d & Studio Y.

Using Illuminated Dichroic Glass Bricks To Create A Kaleidoscopic Colour Wonderland

Through experimentation and the right product, we married dichroic, glass bricks, and LED to mind-bending effect.

Introducing The Wominjeka Packs From Nightingale x Repurposed Andro Packaging

A little bit extra thought went into the lighting for Nightingale Anstey.

Some Nifty (And A Little Shifty) Ways To Re-Use Your Andro Packaging

From storing to stashing stuff, andro packaging is made to be re-used

6 Japanese Lighting Design Books You Need To Get Your Eyeballs On

SJ nerds out on some of his top Japanese lighting design publication picks

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