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Look Out Bose – How To Turn Your Andro Packaging Into DIY Speakers

By susan
October 4, 2021

Made for lovin' music

The andro amp – yeah it goes up to 11

You might’ve already heard, not only is andro packaging made from recycled material but we also designed our andro tubes to be re-used. Well here’s re-use idea #27 – turn your tubes into a portable DIY speaker.

You’ll only need a few everyday household items to make it too. A great little amp for those smartphone tunes on your next government-sanctioned picnic!

This crafty little project takes 15-minutes tops, but will do the trick for you and your bubble buddies (or onsite when someone has left the work site stezza at home).

Make your own

andro amp

Cut and tape your smartphone slot, slap on some stickers
push pins into the base to stabilise
Pro tip: We recommend Tribe Called Quest for work tunes
Slot your phone and some kraft paper in & crank it to 11

In the immortal words of Spinal Tap:

But why not give it a go?

Tag us on Instagram if you do @ambiencelighting with #choosehowtoreuse

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