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Meet Our Paradigm Shifter-ers

A deep dive into our solutions-focused stakeholders. They are all on the same page. Literally.

Dave MD

When Dave is not implementing 360˚ strategies, he spends his spare time (which he hardly has) providing total solutions. Like totally.

Mel Projects

Mel has consistently redefined the new normal with a game-changing approach to creating the new normal. And all this while changing the game.

Cassie Projects

There’s nothing Cassie likes more than shifting lighting paradigms and combining win-win situations for all parties. At any party.


If there’s something that Kon likes more than stepping up to the plate, it’s eating off of them. Usually three times a day.

Dennis Design

While many designers are pivoting, Dennis redefines redefinition by pivoting upstream. Always fascinated, nothing fascinates him more than things that are fascinating.

Helia Design

Helia has merged the space between getting runs on the board, pushing the envelope and being a slam dunk success. We call it “slam dunking the envelope”.

LIN 360˚

We’d be here all day talking about her purpose-led skillset. But first and foremost, she likes to fly progress-driven solutions up the flagpole to make sure they align with every stakeholder.

Kelly Practice Manager

Punctuality, empathy, and attention to detail open doors for any business. For Kelly, the most important door opener in a business are hands. And a door handle.

Bella Projects

Managing the headwinds of a project can be daunting. But Bella looks at it through a left-field lens, opening up a dialogue.

Gemma Design

The team player’s team player. Known for being able to shift any collab at any moment offline. In her downtime, she likes to take her projects to the next level.

John Logistics

You’ve heard of thinking outside the box? Well, John flips that on the paradigm and thinks inside the box – literally. His hobby is making hats from discarded boxes.

Sophia Projects

They say teamwork is dream work but Sophia has flipped this on the head with her own take – “Dream work is team work.”

Jeffery Purchasing

Sure, Jeffery does it by the book – a book that says throw the rule book out the window! A true thought leader who eats risk for breakfast. With an extra-large glass of OJ. No ice.

Sus Comms

While others take the low hanging fruit, Sus opens up a conversation on a holistic level. And she manages to do all this in real-time while circling back.

Karan Design

Karan is a streamlined designer who laughs so hard in the face of the status quo that a new quo was born – the Karan quo.

Ahmed LAB

“Just how big is that big data?” It’s a question that Ahmed poses before every round table. If he doesn’t get the answer he wants, wait, he always gets the answer he wants.

Sandro LAB

A key synergy in any lighting business is fish where the fish are. But Sandro asks the bigger questions facing business like “How do we open up a dialogue?”, and “What if you don’t like seafood?”

Cam Logistics/LAB

Failure is not an option. Agile alignment. First and foremost. To many these are just words, but to Cam, they are not just words. They are many words.

Louise Finance

Louise likes to get her ducks in a row – ensuring that she has a concrete list. When she is not busy being busy, she can usually be found on her toes.

Puti Purrformance Analyst

Likes saying things like “Get that report to me right meow” and is actually always thinking inside the box – his litter box. 

Scott Logistics

A human-centric human who has the bandwidth to go that extra mile. When not working, Scott likes to unload by working more.

Nikita Products

When we think of Nikita, we think of turnkey solutions. NK is a walking talking total turnkey provider. And when she is not providing turnkeys? She’s optimising turnkey strategies.

Somesh Business

Somesh delicately straddles the touch-points of the business ecosystem. When he’s not implementing ecosystems, he likes to tattoo his neighbours outside his garage.

Katherine Office Support

The office prankster – when she’s not busy planning her next joke or putting goofy signs up, she can be found letting her hair down by firing off staples at unassuming colleagues.

Brenda Projects

When not squaring the circle or pumping Slayer at ear-bleeding levels she can often be found in the metaverse exploring next-gen plug and play.

SImran Lab

Core competency is often used as a business buzzword. For Simran it means doing 500 ab crunches every morning before 5am.

Winnie Technical

Always looking to navigate the vortex that is known as real-time into a vertical known as unreal-time. Every Monday morning he takes it upon himself to make sure that every cord is plugged in.

Ellie Design

3 things you can listen to all day: Summer rain hitting a tin roof, the calming crackling of an open fire & Ellie finding the sweet spot as she smashes it out of the ballpark again & again.

Kieron Projects

The data never lies is more than a mantra. It’s a mega mantra for this data-driven blue sky thinking projects manager.

Ivana Logistics

Adding value to some is just about value that’s added. But for Ivana, it’s more. Much more. She spends most Mondays being widely celebrated.

Josh Marketing

Josh is all about disruption, disruption and more disruption. He’s even disrupted the 5-day week and only comes in 2 days.

Sahil LAB

A square peg in a round hole, or is it the other way around? He doesn’t care – he plays by his own rules.

ambience Lighting team
Heide Barketing Department

When it comes to business, Heide is either always on the ball or asking for you to throw one to her.

Stephen Comms

For Stephen, it’s all about the optics, prisms and looking at it through a lens. He used to work at the Cadbury factory.

Ruby Kangaroo

Lives in the paddock next door and stops for none and hops for one. Likes to spend the down time not hopping around, mostly just munching on stuff.

Mark LAB

Whatever is currently in the pipeline, Mark will execute at maximum capacity. At all other times, he’s operating with little-to-no lagging.

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