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Inspire For Women Is a Finalist At The 2024 Casambi Lighting Control Awards

February 16, 2024

INSPIRE FOR WOMEN follows up its recent accolades with a finalist at the 2024 Casambi Awards.

Hot on the heels of recently being shortlisted at the [d]arc Awards (fingers crossed) and being named a Winner at the 2023 LIT Lighting Design Awards, Nagnata flagship has been named a finalist at the 2024 Casambi Awards. The annual Casambi Awards celebrate the many innovative ways in which architectural lighting projects and products have deployed Casambi technology to life-enhancing effect. 

Casamabi describes it as:  ‘A Beautiful Design Where Light Takes Center Stage. This gym is a stunning example of how light can be used to create a truly unique and inspiring space. The designers have shown great taste in their choice of LED strips, which seem to flow seamlessly down the columns and walls. The different lighting scenes that have been created for different occasions, such as the use of indirect light, create an exceptional atmosphere for each moment. This is a beautiful project that demonstrates how light can be used for more than just illumination. It can be used to accompany each exercise and each state of mind, creating a sense of relaxation or excitement depending on the moment. All of this is achieved with a clear focus on sustainability.’ 

There is some rather ace work also shortlisted, best of luck to all the other entrants – view them here

The winner will be announced at Light & Building, Messe Frankfurt on March 5

Images: Nicole Reed

Inspire For Women
Melbourne, Australia 
Interior design  
Bergman & Co
Lighting design & commissioning 
Sharlene Jayawardena, David Justice, Wendy Bergman
Lighting supply  
Symphony Lighting   

Nagnata Flagship

Byron Bay


Inspire Pilates for women,

Beaconsfield, 2023.


R.A.W Studios


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