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Using Illumination To Celebrate Artistry & A Refusal To Conform at Nagnata Flagship

Nagnata Flagship Byron Bay

Nagnata Flagship
Lighting design plays a critical role in not only helping to communicate the vivaciousness of the brand but is pivotal in making Nagnata an awe-inspiring experience for visitors.

Illumination is pivotal to both the space and the brand experience itself.

The project enjoys a concept and execution that makes no two moments the same – on one visit a scene simulating sunrise or sunset off Byron Bay, the next, metamorphosing into a futuristic, electrifying, and energetic space.

Nagnata Day

The scene design follows the natural daylight colours and tones from dawn to dusk, then after dark things get more up-tempo. A procession of Bluetooth-controlled RGB WW linear luminaires that run centrally through the ceiling. They work hand-in-hand with various other RGB WW sources that are thoughtfully concealed to bathe the entire store in a wash of coloured light. 

This was painstakingly created so when visitors experience Nagnata, they are never quite sure where the colour is coming from —

“almost as if we have painted the entire location using light, transforming this stylish serene sanctuary into a charismatic and exuberant environment.”

David Justice, ambience Managing Director

Pattern Studio


Tom Ross


(03) 9403 6400

Nagnata Night

Panorama Smooth Suspended Linear Textured Silver Opal

Panorama Smooth Suspended

“Lighting across the entire space integrates with selected scenes, including illuminated gradients permeating from window display to fitting rooms.” 

David Justice, ambience 
Nagnata for World Pride 2023
Luminaires Featured
Panorama Smooth Suspended Linear Textured Silver Opal

Panorama Smooth Suspended

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Andro S Adjustable Surface Mounted Spotlight Textured White

Andro Adjustable Surface Mounted

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Andro L Track Mounted Tracklight Textured White

Andro Track Mounted

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LEGO Linear Luminaire
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