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Lighting Design That’s an Exercise in Alignment & Flexibility

Inspire Pilates for women, Beaconsfield, 2023.

Inspire Pilates for women
“Lighting is pivotal to creating a warm inviting sanctuary, forging a safe haven for female empowerment and health.”

ambience performed numerous light level experiments to perfect various scenes according to how the space was going to be habituated.

RGBW stretched fabric with Casambi
Stairs looking rather ace

An incredibly stylish Pilates studio. A refuge for those wanting to express themselves with confidence. A space for friends old and new. A venue with an incredible potential to evolve. Inspire Pilates is a lot of things to a lot of people, and lighting is critical to that experience.

In a fascinating marriage of design, psychology, emotion and human response, ambience consulted and performed numerous light level experiments to perfect scenes according to how the space was going to be habituated. This resulted in lighting being incredibly adaptable and versatile across various events and classes. These include varying scenes for pregnancy class, workshops, strength classes and of course, something a little different for cheeky drinks after dark.

  • Winner LIT Lighting Design Awards (Wellness & Health)
  • Casambi Awards 2024 finalist
  • Darc Awards Shortlisted

Panorama Smooth Suspended Linear Textured Silver Opal

Panorama Smooth Suspended

Piccolo Fixed Surface Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Piccolo Surface/Concealed

Now that is some accent
Antenatal class and drinks mode
la di da
Accent added from Symphony Lighting

Natural light works hand-in-hand with the artificial lighting throughout the space, and in some places, luminaires work to mimic the natural light. None more striking than the hallmark of the space, the utterly mesmerising stretched fabric false skylight in the staircase. Inspired by traditional Japanese use of light, the RGBW stretched fabric with Bluetooth dimming features a rigorously developed light source that encompasses the perimeter.  The brighter glow around the outskirts gradually and evenly peters off, in an arresting gradient derived from how one envisages the sun. And because it’s RGBW, the staircase can alter modes for different moments – like those cheeky drinks mode, which can become little bolder, and the pink also becomes a little hotter.



Bergman & Co

Lighting DESIGN


Absolute stairwell vibes
Uplight designed Panorama
Designed with natural light in mind

Showcased in the main studio is the tunable white, up-indirect linear pendants matched to the terracotta colouring of the finishes. These luminaires are sublime in their elegance and simplicity of design. They were selected and optimised to give illumination the freedom to bounce from the ceiling and meander throughout space. This was created so clientele are not staring directly into cumbersome light while performing their routines. The pendants are also strategically positioned in line with the Pilates machines so that at any angle in the coloured mirror they align.



Traianos Pakioufakis


Simon Georgeff

“Much like Pilates itself, the lighting for Inspire is an exercise in alignment and flexibility, and it’s helping the space and clientele go from strength to strength.”

Ambience Snags Winners At The 2023 LIT Lighting Design Awards


Ambience Receives 3 Shortlists At The 2023 darc Awards


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