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The Revitalised Cigarette Factory That Always Feels Like You’re Having A Beer At Sundown

By stephen
October 8, 2021

Stomping Ground Morris Moor revitalises an old cigarette factory boiler room.

Showcasing an exceptional hospitality experience that worked hand-in-hand with resourcefulness, sustainability and user behaviour/psychology to create a welcoming and engaging space – where it always feels like you’re having a beer at sunset.

All the light fittings across the project had their very own story. These were not box-in-and-install. Every single light (including contemporary and traditional) was either created from scratch, customised or reclaimed.

A bold idea with creative and technical excellence was paramount. We also wanted to use the lit environment to help elevate a concept that worked just as much aesthetically as psychologically (feeling, mood & emotion). From here the fantastical idea of having a beer in an eternal sunset was born.

We tailored and engineered all the light fittings to have layers of optimised filters that replicated the natural colours and tones of a sunset – a massive but ultimately rewarding undertaking as it’s one that patrons find extremely inviting. The design approach utilised natural light during the day, and we simplified the dimming controls but still provided the flexibility to control the light levels through the day or evening.

“The team also repurposed, refurbished and then reused abandoned fixtures from the original factory.”

There was a swathe of varying areas to illuminate, and each required its own carefully considered design approach i.e., dining, beer garden, function space, bridal space, brewery, kitchen and alfresco. The vertical arches behind the bar follows circular AC jets that give it steampunk/machine inspired by the old boiler room. Both the function space and beer hall takes you to a unique bird’s eye view looking down at the space and action. With so many areas it was a feat to perfect delicate light pools of illumination gently grazing across surfaces. This was married with perfecting task lighting so the core of the business can operate safely and efficiently.


Studio Y


Place Form Space


Derek Swalwell

In a commitment to sustainability and integration with the design intent, the team took the extraordinary step of making a number of the light fixtures themselves. The team also repurposed, refurbished and then reused abandoned fixtures from the original factory.

A follow-through and tradition from previous collaborations with Stomping Ground that not only permeate through each experience but act like a stamp of authenticity upon the space.

“Being so hands-on in installing all the filters in replicating a sunset ourselves made it possible to experiment with our innovative approach, giving us absolute assurance that our desired effect was not only possible but being executed successfully.”

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