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Introducing The Wominjeka Packs From Nightingale x Repurposed Andro Packaging

By stephen
May 31, 2022

Photography: Kate Longley

A little bit of extra thought went into the lighting for Nightingale Anstey.

With the team at Nightingale, we wanted to reduce site waste at Nightingale Anstey, and give residents something special. Here’s what we did.

Australian Native Seed Sticks
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Nightingale Anstey

We like to re-use packing in interesting ways. You might have seen some of our little clips on Some Nifty Ways To Re-Use Your andro Packaging.

Working with our design partners Nightingale on their new Anstey project, we were able to take re-using site waste to a new level. All discarded andro packaging was re-purposed to become Nightingale Anstey Wominjeka welcome packs.

Wominjeka is the Woi-wurrung word for Welcome.”

Included in the recycled tubes are Australian native seeds (that can also be planted in the andro packaging tube, pot plant style), a free coffee from Anstey neighbours, Home.One, a free GoGet membership, a QR code to the apartment manual – and of course, a set of keys.⁠

A big congrats to all the lucky new homeowners and also the Nightingale team for delivering another exceptional community-focused project. An extra special thanks to those onsite that were onboard and saved all the waste and kept it in such good condition for the new residents. 

Photography: Kate Longley

Reusing andro tubes for Nightingale Anstey resident welcoming.

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