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Ambience Receives 3 Winners At The 2022 LIT Lighting Design Awards

November 29, 2022

LIT is a global awards program that recognises innovation in lighting design and product design.

In some rather ace news, we have picked up a couple of winners at the 2022 LIT Lighting Design Awards. 

LIT Lighting Design Awards is an annual lighting design competition where all entries are voted on by a grand jury panel composed of experienced and prominent academics. It truly celebrates the best in international lighting design.  

We are thrilled to have Stomping Ground be awarded a Winner accolade in two categories for Lighting Design – Daylighting + Restaurant & Bar Design. Stomping Ground Morris Moor revitalises an old cigarette factory boiler room and showcases an exceptional hospitality experience that worked hand-in-hand with resourcefulness and sustainability. 

Explore Stomping Ground on LIT 

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We were also lucky enough to receive a Winner in Products for our design for the LEGO luminaire. The LEGO Linear Luminaire is a design that fulfils a pragmatic purpose and taps into youthful imagination and sentimental creativity. Oh, and it’s fun.  

Explore the LEGO Luminaire on LIt

A massive thanks to the jury, our collaborators and all the other fantastic entrants.



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