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A case of concealment & constraint when lighting Viktoria & Woods

Viktoria & Woods Chadstone, Melbourne.

Viktoria & Woods
Effortless, inviting and calM.

Lighting was meticulously planned and ranged, from drawing foot traffic into the shop to creating a harmonious shopping experience and paying homage to the minimalist interior.


“The high ceiling provided an opportunity to create an atrium style feel, as if daylight is pouring in through every crack and its gentle graze illuminating the beautifully textured walls.”

A combination of the permitter lighting gently illuminating the racks (with tailored illumination inserted from our Symphony range) and mini trim recessed downlights resulted in a gallery look and feel where customer can admire the garments for prolonged periods of time.

This all required a forensic approach in detailing how lights are concealed to provide beautiful illumination, but equally beautiful placement.

Flux Round Adjustable Recessed


Piccolo Surface/Concealed

In stock

Flux Round Adjustable Recessed

Size XS


Medley Surface/Concealed

In stock

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