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Explore The Lighting Inside The House That Follows The Sun

Pivot House Melbourne

Pivot House, Eaglemont
a project close to our hearts and features a suite of custom-made and carefully considered luminaires from ambience HQ that focused on ideas throughout the space

The wonderful architecture/design from Architects EAT pivots around the central courtyard and the lighting design from yours truly was, of course, integral to this project.

Concerto with Smoke diffuser on a breezy day
Backlighting to create effect, but also assist with reducing shadowing for makeup application
Spot the Mad Magazine
Concerto Flex Suspended Linear Textured White Opal

Concerto Suspended

Andro L Track Mounted Tracklight Textured White

Andro Track Mounted

In the hallway, gentle pools of light that we have grazing and blanketing the hallway take their inspiration in replicating the corridor of boutiquey (I know it’s not a word and I promise not to use again) hotels. ​Plus, the light pools have the added bonus of being fun to hop & jump into. The luminaire of choice here is the teeny-weeny Mo Pin spots which also have the versatility to angle and light artwork if required.

The @symphonylighting (Aus-made at our HQ) Concerto with Smoke diffuser on this breezy and beautiful day gives a gentle tone in its pendant form above the kitchen table. It was engineered to provide a soft wash of light onto the dining table. It’s dimmable and versatile so kids can do homework on the table, and then it can be dimmed down when you’re having a dinner party once they’re in bed.

When selecting the luminaire next to the bed, the idea was to create an atmosphere at night that made you feel like you were almost reading by warm candlelight. Most bedside lights are directional and are too intense, so we went for a more diffused fitting, one that featured a ceramic base and a glass face.

The current bedside reading is the pivotal two-volume theoretical psychoanalyst work by the French authors Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia.

Oh and Mad Magazine.

Wall-mounted Heide with mesh roofing finished in a Pale Eucalyptus? Yes please!

Heide Fixed Surface Mounted Spotlight Textured White

Heide Fixed Surface Mounted

Size XS | S | M

Heide Up Down Fixed Surface Mounted Wall Light Textured White

Heide Up-Down Fixed Surface Mounted

Size XS | S | M

Mo Pin Fixed Recessed Downlight Textured White

Mo-Pin Fixed Recessed

Roll S Track Mounted Tracklight White

Roll Track Mounted

In stock

Size XS | S | M | L

Concerto Flex Suspended Linear Textured White Opal

Concerto Suspended

Size XS | M

Solo Fixed Recessed Linear Textured Silver Opal

Solo Fixed Recessed

In stock

Architects EAT


Block Construction


Chris Murray

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