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The Intersection Of Intrigue, Intricacy & Ideas At Mecca, Mosman

Mecca Mosman

Mecca Mosman, yes please.

Using illumination
to enhance intimacy. 

For over 10 years, (and over 100 projects) we’ve collaborated with the team at Mecca. A hallmark of these collabs is that they always feel fresh and full of exciting new ideas, and Mecca Mosman is no exception.

There are a number of luminaires and lighting design ideas showcased throughout the space. There’s the custom metallic eyeball feature, with a vintage aesthetic mounted on one circuit track to keep it minimal and sunken.  It’s low profile and non-bulky, an unobtrusive mount that’s fit for a residential environment.

In the shopfront window we have the custom display and visual merchandising luminaire, set on a vertical tube. The adjustable spotlight appears integrated and seamless within the environment.

Central to the space is the custom linear uplight meets intricate track system that appears to disappear into through the bulkhead and remerge from the other side. The Good Design award-winning andro lives within a round custom track and it’s welcomed with a Piccolo uplight (from the Australian-made symphony range) that’s integrated within the track. The uplighting piccolo works to highlight textures, provide a wash and lend a layering of light to the space, further enhancing the residential feel.

Andro L Track Mounted Tracklight Textured White

Andro Track Mounted

Bendable Piccolo Fixed Surface Mounted Linear White Opal

Bendable Piccolo Surface/Concealed

“The lighting had to hero but not overwhelm and align perfectly with the brand’s minimal aesthetic.” David Justice, ambience 

Boost from Symphony is also around the sublime marble benches, adding accent and intrigue. The lighting for Mecca Mosman is also on Casambi for added flexibility and control. This is a space where intrigue meets intimacy, with ideas at the core. take a visit at Mecca, Mosman 814/816 Military Rd, Mosman NSW

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