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How we used over 750 globes to create the Tesla Electric Portrait

Ambience x Duro Cubrilo Melbourne

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Tesla is a lighting installation, created as a homage to electrical pioneer and ‘father of modern technology’ – Nikola Tesla.

This was a real labour of love, done over many months with the concept execution being a complex task for what is, in essence, a very simple technique.

It's large!
Very large!

Built using 759 energy-efficient LED globes mounted to a grid, various mask diameters were perfectly measured around the curve of each globe – allowing exact light levels to escape at different sizes. When viewed as a collective, the dots recreate an iconic image of Nikola Tesla.

The concept behind the use of ‘traditional’ shaped globes that are often associated with Edison is a reference to the infamous rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla; with Tesla being largely unrecognised for a number of his groundbreaking and throughly awesome achievements, while Edison (often unfairly) got much kudos. Tesla is designed to be engaged with by the viewer when both illuminated and dormant.

It's on.... It's off...

Tesla is designed to be engaged with by the viewer, when both illuminated and dormant.

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