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Stomping Ground Brewery & Beer Hall Collingwood, Melbourne

Stomping Ground, Collingwood
impeccable in its detailing and thoughtfully injected with vintage-industrial finishes

Designed by Studio Y are echoes of a 1920s-era train station with bench-style seating and a suspended menu ‘time board’, accented and authenticated with crafted frosted light fittings.

Reclaimed pendants from Eastern Europe
Modern fixtures were recreated with a century-old aesthetic
Refurbished fixtures sourced from an abandoned Belorussian football stadium

Sundial Fixed Recessed

Roll Track Mounted

The lighting design by ambience included everything from refurbishing fixtures found in an abandoned Belorussian football stadium to locally producing a number of original features. It was a mammoth task to globally source the fixtures required – we even rebuilt fittings we found in the building we took over next to our old Fairfield location.

“Disabling, restoring and reassembling the antique fixtures presented quite the challenge, because most haven’t been used for over thirty years.”

With some of the modern fixtures we recreated an aesthetic of a century ago. This called for an innovative approach to the rapid aging process as not to damage the fittings – and the results were stunning.

Varied and meticulously controlled light levels were also considered and implemented for different zones so the mood is perfect no matter what time of day, night or occasion. This desire for added touches also lent itself to various furnishings within the space that also received their own dedicated illumination.

Indeed, Stomping Ground is all about putting a foot down for detail. It is a throwback to yesteryear creating a drinking, dining and nostalgic playground.

Industrial high bays setting the tone upon entry
So much coolness in one shot
Overhead pendants were found in our old warehouse
Lights reclaimed from an East German Mine

“Varied and meticulously-controlled light levels were also considered and implemented for different zones, so the mood is perfect no matter what time of day, night or occasion.”

Wall lights and festoon lighting in dining area

Soda Highbay Aluminium Suspended


Kit Mini Adjustable Recessed

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Roll Track Mounted

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Sundial Fixed Recessed

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