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Considered and creatively crafted illumination

Mecca Brands Australia + NZ

Lights, camera, reaction! at Mecca Chadstone
Over the years we’ve enjoyed many collabs with Mecca brands, both here and overseas.

When it comes to retail lighting for cosmetics, getting the lighting colour portfolio correct is the key. These projects are a great example of fun meets innovation – a hallmark of our ethos of ‘making light work’.

Console station with exclusively engineered LED at Indooroopilly
Westfield Doncaster
Flux XS Round Adjustable Recessed Downlight Textured White

Flux Round Adjustable Recessed

Boost 8mm Fixed Surface Mounted Linear

Boost Fixed Surface Mounted

Maestro Fixed Surface Mounted Linear

Maestro Fixed Surface Mounted

The incredible pursuit of pure colour when lighting Mecca Cosmetica

The process behind getting colour perfect for cosmetics is as precise as it is impressive – and it has to be. Why? Well, if a customer customer applies make-up in store that colour /shade has to look the same as when they leave the store or there is obviously the risk of returns – simply it’s critical that colour looks like it should.


Using lighting to prevent product returns

In an attempt to minimise returns we need to be conscious that the purchasing decision making process is complex, such as the need to provide correct colour output. If someone gets the product home and it doesn’t look the way it’s meant to look, they’re coming straight back. This means the lighting must reflect the true colours of the product, all whilst maintaining warmth and mood.

Lights, camera, reaction – Selfie Studio

With the ‘Selfie Studio’, which gives shoppers a fun way to go social with their in-store experience. Previously we have developed innovations where customers can adjust light levels at stations once they’ve applied make up to sample how they’d looked under iPhone, nightclub lights or normal sunlight.


Using sunlight in retail design

The challenge with mixing natural and artificial light in a cosmetics and skincare retail environment is not only achieving a consistent light, but also controlling the colour temperature and providing a colour correct lighting environment for cosmetic colour matching. And this all has to be achieved at different times of the day and year, adding a layer of complexity to the task.

All that shines at Donnie
Packing a punch at Melbourne Central
Custom gold wall sconces at Indooroopilly

Mecca Cosmetics Indooroopilly

Mecca Cosmetica Emporium

Mecca Cosmetica Eastland

Mecca Maxima Chadstone

Mecca Maxima Doncaster

Mecca Maxima Melbourne Central


luminaires Featured
Bravado Round Adjustable Recessed Downlight Textured White

Bravado Round Adjustable Recessed

Flux XS Round Adjustable Recessed Downlight Textured White

Flux Round Adjustable Recessed

Size XS

Andro L Track Mounted Tracklight Textured White

Andro Track Mounted

In stock

Size XXS | XS | S | M | L

Boost RGB Green Fixed Surface Mounted Linear

Boost Colour Fixed Surface Mounted


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Chadstone, Melbourne

The Daily Edited
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