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Delectable design delights at Koko Black Como

Koko Black Como, Melbourne

Koko Black Como
The chocolatier’s South Yarra outpost has six-metre-high ceilings, custom LIGHTING and the first ever Koko Chocolate Bar.

The wonderful Koko Black Como project features a mix of customised luminaries from our Symphony Lighting range, customised andro spots and andro pendants⁣ painted to match.

Andro Track Mounted

Twin Stick S Flex Suspended Horizontal Pendant Black

Twin Stick Suspended (Horizontal)

Customised Oboe
Andros being all androy

The space’s hallmark is the brass zig zagging pendant made from Symphony Lighting. Showcased over the POS counter is the customised Oboe which does the job of providing task, feature lighting and to also provide signage.

FYI There’s also a giant wall displaying about 700 blocks of chocolate in 25 flavours. Have a dip.

Andro looking rather nice
Custom pendant with Panorama

The hallmark is the zig zagging pendant fitted with Panorama profile.

Andro L Track Mounted Tracklight Textured White

Andro Track Mounted

In stock

Size XXS | XS | S | M | L

Andro S Flex Suspended Pendant Textured White

Andro Flex Suspended

In stock

Size XXS | XS | S | M

Panorama Smooth Suspended Linear Textured Silver Opal

Panorama Smooth Suspended

In stock
Oboe Suspended Linear Textured Silver Opal

Oboe Suspended

In stock

Size XS | S

Medley Fixed Surface Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Medley Surface/Concealed

In stock

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