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The Lowdown On The Lighting Design For Louey’s At The Espy

By ambience
August 28, 2023

The lowdown on getting the Lighting low-down

The iconic Espy Hotel in Melbourne had a refurb which saw us deliver the lighting design & supply.


The Australian Venue Co tasked us, your pals at ambience, with complementing a traditional Italian aesthetic with a refined modern feel. We had to work within existing features to integrate the lighting, but you know how the old saying ‘sometimes restrictions in renovations bring out some rather nice ideas, especially in lighting from Australia’s most in-demand lighting supply and design company’. They say that, right?

Anyway. Our first order of the day was movement (after the Kingfish Crudo of course). Movement, to bring the light down from way, way, way above and get the space nice and happening at the eye level and movement to transform from a standard restaurant vibe so that during the evenings things can get a little more up-tempo, after all, once you’ve completed your rather delicious dining experience you do need to exist through the Espy Bar, and things can get a little wild in there.


Australian Venue Co


Symphony Lighting

Kit Mini



The space has no daylight, so no there was no contrast or clashing – this gave us the opportunity to illuminate everything at 2200k. The Barrels were a particular highlight going from warm white to colour-changing (amber and red).  We also added the nuts and bolts, not literally as that’s for the builders but the nuts and bolts of spatial illumination, accent and spotlights for the furniture. As always when adding accent, we go to the Australian-made Symphony Lighting range.

So, if you’re in the hood or even absolutely nowhere near there, get down, and maybe even get into one of the fantastically named ‘negroni sbagliato spiders’, ‘hot pink chihuahuas’ or the ‘2 sip dirty martinis’. Andiamo!


Via Australian Venue Co


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Bendable Medley Fixed Surface Mounted Linear White Opal

Bendable Medley Surface/Concealed

Medley Fixed Surface Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Medley Surface/Concealed

Roll S Track Mounted Tracklight White

Roll Track Mounted

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