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Step Inside Kookai Emporium. A Stunning Example Of The Shift In Elevated Retail Experiences.

By ambience
September 2, 2021

Our latest with the team at Kookai, located at Emporium is a retail design that uses lighting design to make it feel more like a gallery meets hotel.

Kookai Emporium is a great example of a shift in elevated retail design and was modelled on a gallery meets residential/hotel.

Still, we were conscious of the fact that it’s a retail space and need the light levels to be suitable and placement to be versatile. The entire space is on dimmers to nail the mood and give it that residential / hotel touch.

“We wanted no pools of light outside the displays”

Andro downlights with a fitted narrow beam lens were engineered to focus the light of the product only. We also use numbers from Symphony range such as concealed Medley within wall bays, pelmets and mirrors. The illuminated mirrors were the sole light in the fitting rooms and customised to graze a warm glow upon the customer with no shadows. Who wants shadows all over them when trying something on?

We could be here all day talking about it, but just have a look at the space. If you want o know anymore insights, we;d love for you to reach out to the team.

A massive hats off, then hats back on and hats off again to Kookai Store Dev team, EMAC and Norm Phillips Electrical.


Kookai Store Dev Team


EMAC Construction


Norm Phillips


Peter Clarke

“Who wants shadows all over them when trying something on?”

Andro S Adjustable Recessed Downlight Textured White

Andro Adjustable Recessed

In stock

Size XXS | XS | S | M | L

Medley Fixed Surface Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Medley Surface/Concealed

In stock
Bendable Medley Fixed Surface Mounted Linear White Opal

Bendable Medley IP Surface/Concealed

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