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Illuminated Dichroic Glass Bricks & More For The Old-School Cool Royal Stacks Emporium

By stephen
April 8, 2022

Player 2 Chun-Li

Latest & greatest with Studio Y x Royal Stacks has dropped. Insert coins to begin.

The freshhhh new space and concept is all about keeping that old-school cool flavour.


Custom illuminated glass bricks with dichroic film
Barn Door 'XTina Aguilera' spotlight
Australian-made Symphony Lighting range

It’s no secret we like to go the extra mile on projects, for example, since the 90s we kept hold of and carted around some barn door ‘XTina Aguilera’ spots purely so we could refit them 20 years later for the super cool 90’s themed Royal Stacks at Emporium – call us Nostrodamus’ (or whatever the plural form is).

The interior design is again a cheeky play on 90s popular culture – with Street Fighter II machines included, and the lighting design is matched to precision.

“Highlights include a hallmark of the most recent Royal Stacks projects – Illuminated glass bricks. These are bricks customised with dichroic film, creating a front area and mind-bending prismatic effects from varying angles and times.”

And emphasising the 90s authenticity, we never threw out the original tooling for a custom wall light from circa ’94 and reused it to manufacture the modified 2022 version for the 90s themed Uncle Joey Wall Light.

Panorama Smooth Wall Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Panorama Smooth Wall Mounted

Harmony Fixed Surface Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Harmony Surface/Concealed

Andro S Adjustable Surface Mounted Spotlight Textured White

Andro Adjustable Surface Mounted

Piccolo Fixed Surface Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Piccolo Surface/Concealed

There’s also custom-made colour changing Panorama circular linear lighting and Harmony from the Australian made Symphony Lighting range.

Royal Stacks is on the Lower Ground level at Emporium. Get down there, get on the arcade machines, grab a bite and soak in them 90s vibes.

Bags Ryu as Player 1! No, wait – Ken, on Street Fighter II.

Custom Luminaires

Uncle Joey Wall Light

Custom Eyeball

XTina Aguilera Spot Light


Concealed Symphony on the bleachers
Adding that accent
All about that detail and lift
Booth with custom locally-made lighting
Colour changing Panorama
Illuminated glass bricks

Studio Y


Traianos Pakioufakis

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