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Luscious Linear Luminaires For Calibre Fortitude Valley

By Jamie Buswell
August 23, 2023

Go in for the getup, linger for the luminaires

The latest Calibre at Fortitude Valley, with the retail lighting featuring some rather luscious linear luminaires.

Calibre Fortitude Valley features numbers from the Symphony range, including some rather ace  UpDown Decibel wall-recessed around the perimeter, suspended Pure 3 Linear, the Andro Lighting Range and in the window display the world’s only spotlight built for Australian retail conditions – The Ingot Track Light. okay, that’s a stretch, but it is a track light that is right as a bullion for when your precision needs a little punch. Or a lot of punch. Scroll below to see what luminaires went where. 


Interior Build 





Other fixtures from the Australian-made Symphony range fine tuning the space include the Piccolo and Harmony. Harmony’s wide distribution is designed to illuminate task surfaces, add accent and perform under bar/shelving. It features a shallow profile for soothing those tight spaces. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Oh, the store is located at 4b/39 James St, Fortitude Valley. 


Via Interior Build


(03) 9403 6400

Pure 3 Suspended Linear Textured Silver

Pure 3 Suspended

Decibel Wall Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Decibel Wall Mounted

Harmony Fixed Surface Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Harmony Surface/Concealed

Piccolo Fixed Surface Mounted Linear Textured Silver Opal

Piccolo Surface/Concealed

Andro S Adjustable Surface Mounted Spotlight Textured White

Andro Adjustable Surface Mounted

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