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Introducing Lumenature - The World's First Zero-Powered Light!

By stephen
April 1, 2021

In a world first, ambience is using a 100% non-sunlight natural light for architectural projects. It is the most energy-efficient light in the world, and has no traditional power sources.

The project titled ‘Lumenature’ has received backing from the UN, IMF and F45.

It utilises luciferase enzymes and bioluminescence. More specifically, it uses millions of glow worms, fireflies and them fluorescent jelly fish as little roaming light globes. ‘Lumenature’ is only currently available if the architectural project also happens to be a dark canyon, a warm swampy mangrove or 20,000 feet beneath the ocean. But they hope that swamps will catch on as an interiors trend within the next 5 years.

Remember – if your next interior project has got a cave, canyon or swamp you want illuminated, get in touch with our team today!



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The World’s First Zero Powered Light

12pm Update: Happy April 1st! Hmm… not a bad idea though. Over to you, Tesla!
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