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Bright Sparks -

By stephen
September 14, 2016

Bright Sparks is a series where we showcase our friends from various creative fields who inspire us at ambience.

Today’s buddy is Patricia Chircop from

One of the great things about working with a client like Nandos (besides the Peri Chips, of course) is their support and commitment to local craft and design in their fit-outs. For our Brown Plains project, we engaged the talents of custom lighting manufacturers Rakumba, who collaborated with to produce some oversized knitted pendants. is the work of Patricia Chircop. Patricia is a producer of knitwear and anything knit-related, from forging tip-top-secret knitting technology to office furniture and props for clients ranging from the Australian Ballet to Nickelodeon.

Chircop got into knitting the traditional way – through a zoology degree. Like you do.

They might sound worlds apart, but Patricia says that “they actually had many similarities with mathematics, problem-solving and logic”.

Recently, knitwear has had a resurgence and creative awakening off the back of innovations like Nike’s Flyknit phenomenon. Knitting is no longer perceived as a ball of wool and a couple of needles, with technical yarns becoming more mainstream as possibilities are realised. For example, with her hanging planter (below), Patricia used the same material as used to create waterski ropes. And the result is simply awesome.

Working with light was a new frontier for Patricia, who adds: “It allowed me to investigate another application, and to consider the way the light will filter through both the structure and the yawn.”

Getting ready for transport
INSTALLED at nandos
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