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Adytum, promoting harmony in the body and mind.

By stephen
February 28, 2022

Andro Nude

The perfect partnership – andro meets Adytum, promoting harmony in the body and mind.


With interior design from the always fantastic Pattern Studio, Adytum is not just any spa. With a dedicated retail space and cafe, the location features an infra-red sauna, spacious individual manicure pods, private treatment suites and a Japanese-inspired bathhouse.

“The project also features andro in a raw uncoated version.”

Designed & developed by ambience in big bad Bundoora, the andro luminaire family is a marriage of masculine and feminine characteristics into one perfectly engineered, harmonious and ambiguous form.

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Andro Nude

Raw. Uncoated.

2021 Good Design Award Winner

The raw, unfinished aesthetic works hand-in-hand with andro’s sustainability ethos. From recycling lighting waste as part of the luminaire production process, no plastic in the packaging, and is fully recyclable, plus paper install guides also replaced with easy to scan QR codes to prevent waste.


Pattern Studio


Traianos Pakioufakis

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