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ambience Is Excited To Announce We’re Opening Up A Barcelona Outpost…Kind Of.

By stephen
October 7, 2021

Hola amigos, tenemos noticias fabulosas: Ambience abre una sucursal en Spain! Este es el lowdown:

In our latest left-field news, we decided to spin a globe of the world around to decide on the next location for our new ambience office. Luckily for us, we landed on Barcelona.

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly how we did it, but we are opening a Barcelona oficina, sort of.

As we know lockdown has been quite tough on us all, and even more so for those from overseas unable to see family and friends. And we try to find new ways to support the team through this pretty crappy time. 

So, one of our multi-award-winners on our architectural lighting design team, Gemma Noé (a Spanish native) – will be working remotely from Barcelona.

We pretty promise this is not just an excuse for us to pop over to Barcelona when borders open but never say never 🙂

Gemma looks forward to delivering the same level of exceptional projects she has for the last 5 years.

Enjoy seeing your family & friends again Gem Gem!

Muchas gracias.

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