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By stephen
May 21, 2015

Grill'd, Flinders Lane

Take a peek behind the scenes and get some insight into the design process for the new Grill’d at Flinders Lane.

Formed in 2004, Grill’d have grown to over 70 stores around Australia. A hallmark of its success is not only doing burgers differently, but an appreciation of the space and the customer’s experience within it.

Grill’d engaged Techne to design their new Melbourne restaurant situated in the premier dining precinct of Flinders Lane. And they created a space that seamlessly fitted with its location.

Kate Archibald, Interior Designer at Techne says:

“The space asked for a bespoke approach that challenged the diner’s preconceived views on more traditional Grill’d fit outs”.

When approaching the design, Techne wanted to ensure that it facilitated the restaurant to function well, and to also create an intimate and interesting dining space. The fittings supplied by ambience to illuminate the environment also needed to reflect these sentiments.

A key feature is the use of non-traditional and sustainable materials. Techne worked collaboratively with Grill’d to test materials and ensure they’d stand up to a tough and fast-paced restaurant environment.

“With soaring double height ceilings, it also asked for something special, and something to fill the space” Kate adds. And it was through this problem-solving and creative approach to the space and materials that the feature was born – a cardboard lighting installation.


“The use of the cardboard tubes drove the concept, integrating them throughout the space in other ways, such as utilising them to panel the walls. We wanted to create interesting and different lighting techniques through the illumination of the cardboard tubes from within, so they glowed”.

Kate Archibald
Interior Designer, Techne

“With soaring double height ceilings, it also asked for something special, and something to fill the space.”

Kate Archibald
Interior Designer, Techne

(03) 9403 6400





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