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A little twist and shout about lighting the new Pretzel Eastland

By stephen
March 15, 2022

Pretzel Eastland is all systems go

The delicious (and sometimes a little decadent) Pretzel delivers a signature interior to welcome their latest Victorian location.

Twin Stick S Flex Suspended Horizontal Pendant Black

Twin Stick Suspended (Horizontal)

Boost 8mm Fixed Surface Mounted Linear

Boost Fixed Surface Mounted

Knot going to lie, love a Pretzel, (a food-related play on words of course). All the Pretzels at their stores are freshly made to order, and so was the illumination for this visually arresting interior.

“With the customised Twin Stick linear tube, it’s all about the display.”

It features numbers from the Australian-made Symphony range including Harmony linear profile and Boost adding accent and impact around joinery. The project also features customised Twin Sticks pendant display and illumination getting all bendy and curving around them curves using bendable LED.


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