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5 Must-See New(-ish) Lighting Products

By stephen
March 21, 2019


The Bally pendant is just what it says – it’s… a ball. But it’s not just any ball!

Its simple design makes it a cinch to customise for your project – suspended, rod-mounted, this size, that size, this colour, that. It’s just a simple, honest, beautiful and basic design that’ll elevate your space.


With the German-engineered Helia pendant, you can enjoy a selection of sizes, diameters and finishes with customisable colour, but with the convenience of being an off-the-shelf product.

The Helia’s purist and clear design makes it one that’s perfect for hospitality projects.


Work it, work it! The adjustable Kenzo downlight is the downlight that’ll let you work the room.

All angles are covered with its wall-washing capability, an optic lens system and coming in single, double or triple variants with trim and trim-less versions.


The Modi is timelessly stylish, refined and compact in its look, yet will announce its presence.

Did we mention how bright this little big boy gets? With 3000 lumens of punch, the Modi is sure to add a little weight to your space. And one of the best features is the driver built into the track adapter.


The Pure Art tracklight is truly a work of architectural art – literally!

We like to think of it as having a deep baffle for those thinking deep when it comes to design.


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