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Nagnata Is a Finalist At The 2023 Casambi Lighting Awards

March 27, 2023

Nagnata flagship follows up its recent accolades with a finalist at the Casambi Awards.

Hot on the heels of recently being shortlisted at the [d]arc Awards and the Australian Interior Design Awards, Nagnata flagship has been named a finalist at the Casambi Awards. The annual Casambi Awards celebrate the many innovative ways in which architectural lighting projects and products have deployed Casambi technology to life-enhancing effect. 

Casamabi describes the rebellious retail design as: Ambience lightingPattern Studio and Symphony Lighting have delivered an enthralling and utterly disruptive lighting concept for cult fashion and lifestyle label Nagnata’s flagship store. While the lighting has been layered in a thoughtful, pragmatic way, it’s also been configured such that it can change its appearance on cue to be playful – no two moments are the same. Their creative design captures the spirit and vision of the client and truly challenges today’s retail design principles. Scene setters indeed.  

There is some rather ace work also shortlisted, best of luck to all the other entrants  

The winner will be announced at the Casambi Summit on April 27 

Images: Tom Ross + Nagnata 

Nagnata Flagship 
Byron Bay, Australia 
Interior design  
Pattern Studio
Lighting design & commissioning 
ambience / David Justice, Josh Cain 
Lighting supply  
Symphony Lighting   

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