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We’d Like To (Kinda) Introduce You To Our (Sorta) New Outdoor Lighting Range

By stephen
December 3, 2020

Research, innovation and creativity. I guess we’re introducing our great outdoors exterior lighting range. Sorta.

For decades, we’ve carried a mix of outdoor lighting luminaires from local to products, from our premium partners in Germany and Italy such as PUK.

Check it out here: The ambience Sort Of New But Very Nice Outdoor Lighting Guide.

But don’t get too carried away yet! We’re working even harder in the background on more – but that’s for 2021. So, first things first, let’s chat through this awesome little revamped offering.

Outdoor lighting is one of the most challenging mediums of design. It goes without saying that users demand products of maximum quality – we are also constantly looking for innovative solutions, technical excellence, and consistent performances for the awe-inspiring and sophisticated world of outdoor luminaire design.

Eclipse Wall Light
Rotoball Swing
  • Handpicked to suit all applications – residential, hospitality, commercial
  • Special finishes available to suit various landscape textures and features
  • High/Low Lumen outputs to cater to visibility, safety + feature enhancement
  • A wide range of IP options
  • Engineered durability to make sure it lasts as long as indoor lighting
  • Customised paint and accessory options available
  • Constant voltage and current options or dimm + non-dim applications
  • Integral and remote driver options available
  • Fixed and adjustable options

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